The Time Has Come to Upgrade Your Tooth Brushing Routine

If you have not worked on your oral health care habits recently, especially to improve them, the time has come to upgrade your tooth brushing routine. Although brushing is only a small part of your overall oral health care, it is still a vital one that should be done every single day for at least… Read more »

Address Your Oral Cancer As Soon As Possible

Did you know, an oral cancer screening is included in your dental checkup? Well, it’s true! If you skip multiple trips to the dentist, you could be putting your oral health at risk of gum disease and even cancer. That is why, our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you… Read more »

Treating a Dental Fracture Might Call for a Crown Restoration

A dental fracture can be caused by any number of things. Common culprits include an accidental fall, sports injury, or a bad habit, like nibbling on pencils and pens. Some dental fractures are limited to the tooth enamel and cause very little discomfort. This might tempt you to forgo professional treatment at in , …. Read more »

Sugarless Gum: The Secret Cavity-Killer

Did you know that sugarless gum can fight cavities? According to many studies that have been done, chewing sugarless gum for roughly 20 minutes after eating can help protect your tooth enamel. The reason is due to an increase in saliva production, which can wash away plaque buildup, neutralize harmful acids, and prevent cavities. Here… Read more »

What Drinks You Should Avoid for Your Oral Health

Did you know that there are many things you should try to protect your oral health? For example, you might know that you should be brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and should set up an appointment with us once every six months. However, did you know that certain beverages could actually damage your teeth?… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

Did you know that dental implants are so effective and durable they can be last for an entire lifetime? Although teeth and gums will naturally age and weaken over time, through a process called osseointegration, the bond between your jawbone and dental implants can actually grow tighter and more durable over time. Not only that,… Read more »

Dental Health Habits for Older Individuals

If you are in your advanced stage of adulthood, it’s important to remember that if properly cared for, your teeth can continue doing their job just as if you were just beginning your twenties. Although it is true that teeth age along with the rest of our bodies, there are still many habits and treatments… Read more »

Should You let Your Child Get a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride can be a controversial topic. Some say it’s a dangerous substance, but most believe it’s good for the health of your teeth. If you’re interested in making this decision for yourself, there are a few things you should know. Many argue that the benefits of fluoride far outweigh the risks. In fact, fluoride can… Read more »

The Drinks and Foods that Can Stain Your Teeth

Do you want to keep your teeth white, bright, and brilliant? If so, then it’s best to avoid consuming foods and drinks that have staining particles in them. If you avoid those products, you’ll have a better chance at maintaining the beautiful smile you deserve. Some foods and drinks our dental team encourages you to… Read more »

Save Your Smile from Gum Disease

Protecting your mouth includes more than just protecting your teeth. Your gums are also at risk for damage and decay. Our expert team at is highly trained to analyze and assess all your oral health ailments and can provide you with treatment plans customized to your individual recovery. However, caring for your teeth and gums… Read more »