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If you’re interested in knowing how a dental cleaning can benefit you, your smile, and your oral health, then our dentist, Dr. Gary Wegmann, is more than happy to help you. Dental cleanings are very important, which is why they are recommended every six months. They can benefit you in a myriad of ways. In fact, they can:

-Help you prevent dental issues: This is because the dental tools and cleaning techniques used remove plaque, tartar, and other bacteria from the teeth and gumline. This is very important because it keeps tooth decay and gum disease at bay. These two dental issues should be avoided at all costs because they can severely harm your smile.

-Help you remove surface stains: This is because the polishing removes the discoloration from the surfaces of your tooth enamel. However, it doesn’t remove stubborn stains, so if you have any, it’s best to consider our whitening treatment.

-Help you save money: This is because the cleaning helps you prevent dental issues. When you prevent dental issues, you don’t have to spend money on treatments to fix them.

Do you have any questions about dental cleanings in Chicago, Illinois? If so, please contact The Chicago Family Dental Center at 312.551.0500 now. Our dental team also encourages you to schedule an appointment if you’re due for your next checkup. We look forward to helping you!