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Metal-Free Crowns


In order to restore a significantly damaged or decayed tooth, your dentist may recommend a metal-free dental crown. A crown is a dental restoration that is custom made to fit over the damaged tooth, entirely encasing the tooth up to the gums. This restores the tooth’s health and function and returns the tooth to its optimal size and shape. At The Chicago Family Dental Center, we are pleased to provide metal-free crowns made entirely from porcelain. Our dentist will help you select a shade of porcelain matched to your natural tooth color (or slightly lighter for a brighter smile) so that your restored smile will look naturally beautiful. Porcelain is an excellent match for the natural translucence of tooth enamel, and it is also a very durable material, ensuring that your restoration will last for years.

Dr. Gary Wegmann may recommend a metal-free crown for a variety of cosmetic and restorative purposes. A dental crown in Chicago, Illinois, can be used to restore a damaged tooth, strengthen a weakened tooth, cover a dental implant, attach a dental bridge, or protect a tooth after root canal treatment. For more information about metal-free crowns and how we can improve your smile, we welcome you to call or visit us today.


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