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An Oral Cancer Screening Is Included With Each of Your Dental Exams

Brushing and flossing your teeth represents the first line of defense against tooth decay and periodontal disease. It’s worth noting that having a dental exam and cleaning performed twice a year is also an essential component of maintaining a healthy mouth.

Each of these outpatient appointments starts with a professional dental cleaning performed by one of Dr. Gary Wegmann’s dental hygienists. Once all traces of hardened tartar and other bacterial deposits have been removed from your teeth, our dentist will examine your mouth for any signs of tooth decay or periodontal disease.

If he finds a cavity or signs of a periodontal health problem, he will help you understand your treatment options. In some of the instances he might recommend a preventive treatment, or help you understand minor improvements you can make in your daily oral hygiene routine.

Once this is done he will perform a basic screening for signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer. Early detection of these serious oral health maladies can improve your treatment success rates.

If Dr. Gary Wegmann notices an area of concern, with your tongue, throat or another part of your mouth he will refer you to a specialist who can confirm the diagnosis. This is an important step in the treatment process.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois, area and you have an oral health concern, you should call 312.551.0500 to schedule a dental exam and cleaning at The Chicago Family Dental Center.

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