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How Denture Adhesive Benefits Your New Appliance

At The Chicago Family Dental Center, we provide custom full dentures for patients who have experienced significant tooth loss and need to regain their smiles. You can help your dentures last longer and withstand oral atrophy by applying denture adhesive and giving your appliance daily care.

Though when your dentures are created they are designed to fit your oral structure, the underlying bone changes over the years and can cause the appliance to feel loose. The changes to the bone are called oral atrophy, while it’s normal, it can reduce the fit of your dentures.

To help you remain secure, you can give it a boost by applying denture adhesive each time you place your dentures in your mouth. Denture adhesive helps your dentures to better grip your gums and prevent the denture base from accumulating food particles during the day. It’s a good idea to always have denture adhesive on hand when you leave the house so that you can add more to your appliance if needed.

When you remove your dentures to go to sleep, rinse off the remaining adhesive and brush your appliance before placing it in a soaking solution overnight. Having a clean denture base for the adhesive in the morning helps it to stick better and offer you more security.

You are welcome to call 312.551.0500 today and schedule an appointment with our doctor, Dr. Gary Wegmann, if you would like to learn more about maintaining your dentures in Chicago, Illinois.

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