A Tooth with a Bad Dental Filling Might Need a Root Canal

A dental filling is often used to repair a cavity that affects a modest area of tooth enamel. As time goes by poor oral hygiene habits can start to erode the bond between the dental filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel.

When this happens, a small amount of bacteria can infiltrate the microscopic seam to cause a new area of tooth decay to form within the tooth. Common symptoms of a filling going bad could include heightened sensitivity, discomfort when chewing, or a gray shade developing in the tooth. In time it could even result in a gradually increasing toothache.

If the pulp or nerve of the tooth has been afflicted with tooth decay, Dr. Gary Wegmann might need to perform a root canal at his endodontic clinic in Chicago, Illinois. This specialist treatment is designed to remove the bad filling, the remaining tooth enamel, and excise any decayed tissues from the interior of the tooth.

Once this is done, Dr. Gary Wegmann can rebuild the structure of the tooth with a special endodontic material called gutta percha. This will create an abutment capable of securing a dental crown.

If you are in the Chicago, Illinois, area and you have a bad filling or a toothache, you should call 312.551.0500 to seek endodontic care at The Chicago Family Dental Center.

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