Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Have you ever wondered if your oral health can be improved with teeth whitening treatments? Do you practice excellent oral health habits but still lack the color you want from your smile? If so, a tooth whitening treatment may be exactly what you need to get your smile to its peak performance. Although teeth whiteners will not protect your tooth enamel or provide resistance against tooth decay, they will improve the color of your smile and boost your self-esteem.

Be careful though, as not all whitening products are guaranteed to be safe. The real dangers of store-bought whiteners include the danger that the substances used in the product may not be effective. Furthermore, if used incorrectly, they can bleach your gums or damage your tooth enamel. Before using any unknown products, consult with your dentist to ensure it is safe.

For the safer version of teeth whitener, professional teeth whiteners can be done directly by your dentist at our office. The gel trays are custom fitted for the safest and highest quality results. Not only are the ingredients safe, but the resulting shine is a shade of white teeth much better than other versions, and potentially more effective than years of using traditional oral health care products. For supplemental whitening treatments, at-home kits can be given by your dentist for treating new stains or touch-ups later on.

If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a glorious smile with teeth whitening treatments, set an appointment with The Chicago Family Dental Center at our dentist office in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Gary Wegmann and the rest of our team can be reached at 312.551.0500. Visit us today, and your smile will thank you!


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