Dental Health Habits for Older Individuals

If you are in your advanced stage of adulthood, it’s important to remember that if properly cared for, your teeth can continue doing their job just as if you were just beginning your twenties. Although it is true that teeth age along with the rest of our bodies, there are still many habits and treatments you can use to strengthen your tooth enamel and protect your gums. Not all teeth or smiles are destined to wear out before their expiration date.

The first step you need to implement in your elder oral health repertoire is always making sure you’re brushing your teeth and gums twice every single day and flossing between your teeth at least once per day. If you find yourself lacking the strength to do the jobs effectively, switch to easier tools, such as an electric toothbrush or a water flosser. Always make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles to prevent any damage to your gums from occurring.

If you find yourself already lacking all your natural teeth and have replaced them with partial or complete sets of dentures, it’s important to care for them too. Be careful never to use any abrasive products on them, including abrasive cleaning products. Also, make sure to remove your dentures every night and store them in a liquid for cleaning. Leaving your dentures sitting out can cause them to crack and break.

Lastly, cut out any bad habits you may have. Bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco were harmful to your teeth when you were young, but with age, any negative effects they can produce will be exponentially increased.

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