If a Root Canal Cannot Treat a Tooth, It Might Need a Dental Bridge Restoration

Some forms of dental trauma and untreated tooth decay can be severe. Many of these cases call for Dr. Gary Wegmann and his staff to perform a root canal. This mode of endodontic therapy is intended to remove compromised internal structures from the tooth before preparing an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown.

In some rare cases, the internal core or root of the tooth might be so severely compromised Dr. Gary Wegmann recommends a total extraction. This treatment strategy will likely also include a prescription for any necessary pain or antibiotic medications.

When you’re ready Dr. Gary Wegmann might advocate replacing the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental bridge. This is a solid piece of dental work that will be designed and created in a dental lab to replicate the appearance of a natural tooth. It will include a pair of crowns. Each end of the dental bridge will need to be cemented onto abutments formed out of the core of the two neighboring teeth.

When it is ready, you will need to return to The Chicago Family Dental Center’s dental office to have your new dental bridge cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive. This will complete the dental restoration process, thus allowing you to enjoy the original function once provided by the natural tooth.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois, region and you are suffering from a severely compromised tooth you should call 312.551.0500 to seek timely professional treatment from Dr. Gary Wegmann and his team.

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