Invisalign® Braces Can Covertly Straighten Your Teeth

Many of our patients want the beautiful, straight teeth that braces can bring them, but don’t want the distracting appearance of metal braces. For these patients, we may indeed have the perfect solution.

Invisalign® invisible aligners are orthodontic straighteners that are virtually unnoticeable. They are thermoformed plastic trays that slowly bring your teeth into alignment while never drawing attention to themselves.

The aligners gently straighten your teeth using the precise application of pressure. Each tray is used for a few weeks and has a specific purpose in aligning your teeth. Dr. Gary Wegmann maps out each step in the process beforehand so each tooth is moved at the appropriate time.

These invisible braces offer greater convenience than normal metal braces. They are completely removable, unlike nearly every other type of brace. You can pop them on and off at a moment’s notice, so you can eat and brush your teeth without inconvenience.

If you are dissatisfied with a crooked smile and would like to learn more about Invisalign® or any of our other dental services, please call The Chicago Family Dental Center in Chicago, Illinois, today. Our dentist, Dr. Gary Wegmann would be happy to assist you.

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