One-Visit Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth becomes seriously injured or decayed, it can lead to an infection in the tooth nerves and dental pulp, which are located inside of the tooth. Tooth infection can in turn cause severe tooth pain, extreme tooth sensitivity, and several other painful symptoms. In order to alleviate tooth pain and restore the tooth’s health, your dentist at The Chicago Family Dental Center may suggest root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is an endodontic therapy that involves removing the infected tissues from the tooth to return the tooth to good health and prevent the infection from spreading to the healthier areas of your mouth. After removing the infected pulp and nerves, we fill the tooth with a medicated material and cap it with a restoration (a filling or crown).

Dr. Gary Wegmann and his team are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional dental experience. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to offer the benefits of rotary endodontics for root canal treatment. Rotary endodontics allows us to complete a root canal in Chicago, Illinois, more efficiently and comfortably. This helps us to finish the entire treatment in only one visit to our office! To learn more about root canal treatment and rotary endodontics, we invite you to contact our dental practice today.

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