Oral Health Keys: Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have any broken or damaged teeth? Do you have any severely stained or discolored teeth that cannot be easily fixed by brushing or flossing alone? Do you have any lost or missing teeth? If any of these ailments or conditions apply to you, consider the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Listed below are a few cosmetic dentistry options to consider:

– Dentures are a detachable prosthetic that can replace missing teeth with customizable prosthetics that can be removed for daily cleaning.

– Dental bridges are tooth replacements that operate as permanent prosthetics that can link to nearby and neighboring teeth in your mouth.

– Dental crowns are extremely effective because they can cap and conceal your teeth on all sides down to the gum line to not only protect your teeth but also enhance its look.

– Dental implants are very effective tooth prosthetics that can replace teeth with a durable enhancement that can potentially last a lifetime of heavy use.

– Dental bonding treatments are equipped to apply porcelain and resin materials directly to the surfaces of teeth to help correct abnormalities that exist.

– Teeth whitening treatment systems are helpful for substantially decreasing any issues involving stains and discolorations on your teeth.

– Dental veneers are substantially helpful for capping and concealing the fronts of teeth, and giving your teeth the aesthetic look your smile desires.

If you are showing symptoms of dental damage, come visit The Chicago Family Dental Center for assistance today. With the expert care of Dr. Gary Wegmann and our wonderful team at our dentist office in Chicago, Illinois, we can rebuild your smile. To set up an appointment, call us at 312.551.0500.

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