Smoking: How It Affects Your Teeth

A beautiful white smile is a dream most people would love to have. Sadly, there are different issues though that can interfere with this goal. Inadequate oral care, for one, will cause your smile to degrade. Smoking is another problem that will interfere with a potentially perfect smile. Many people know that smoking causes yellow teeth but did you know that it can cause other health problems?

You see, smoking kills the good bacteria in your mouth—which can lead to yellow teeth but also to chronic bad breath. Similarly, if the good bacteria in your mouth is killed, you may have to deal with inflammation and infection, which increases your chances of getting gingivitis and tooth decay. If these issues aren’t treated quickly, you could find yourself facing a number of more serious problems, including tooth loss and even heart issues.

Similarly, studies have shown that individuals who smoke are much more likely to develop cancer in their mouth, the throat, lungs, esophagus, and larynx (or the voice box). Sadly, these problems are also caused by cigars and chewing tobacco.

If you smoke and want to take achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice. Our dentist, Dr. Gary Wegmann, and our team will help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Just call The Chicago Family Dental Center at 312.551.0500 to set up an appointment.

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