The Time Has Come to Upgrade Your Tooth Brushing Routine

If you have not worked on your oral health care habits recently, especially to improve them, the time has come to upgrade your tooth brushing routine. Although brushing is only a small part of your overall oral health care, it is still a vital one that should be done every single day for at least 2-3 minutes per session twice daily. No matter the oral health care routines you have, never substitute another method for brushing, but rather add it as a supplement to brushing.

The toothbrush you use is just as important as the technique you implement it with. If a toothbrush is past its expiration date, it needs to be replaced. What this means is, if you are using the same brush for longer than 3-4 you are going past its effective date, with the bristles fraying. This means you should replace your current toothbrush no longer than four months. When choosing a new toothbrush, look for products that have soft bristles and brush heads capable of easily maneuvering in your mouth at all angles and sides.

When you have found your toothbrush, always remember to store it upright in an aired-out container. Never share your brush with anyone or let it touch or become contaminated with any other brush or utensil. Avoid storing it in a sealed container as this can cause mold or bacteria to grow.

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