What Are the Benefits of Nitrous Oxide Treatments?

Did you know that many individuals in our world suffer from a condition known as dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is a condition when you feel afraid or are overcome with stress due to visiting your dentist or having dental treatments done. However, there are multiple treatments that can be done to help you with your anxiety, including sedation dentistry and meditation. If you are looking for a mild sedative, nitrous oxide is a wonderful choice.

Nitrous oxide is highly effective for individuals looking for a mild relaxant during a dental treatment. Even if you are only going in for an examination or professional cleaning, nitrous oxide can be administered. Through the use of nitrous oxide combined with oxygen, laughing gas forms. Laughing gas is considered the only sedative in dentistry safe enough to use to allow a patient to drive themselves home after treatments have been given.

Treatment by an inhaled gas is given by placing a mask over your mouth and nose which is breathed in. Even if you suffer from extreme stress, the mildest forms of laughing gas can have a calming effect. However, laughing gas may be a mild relaxant, but it can produce a feeling or sensation of lightheadedness.

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